• Tasha Ross

My honest review on Hypoxi

Firstly I would like to start off by saying that our bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. So what is the definition of a 'perfect body'? Unfortunately there is a stigma of what a person's body should look like but I'm here to encourage you to be healthy and nourish your body rather than punish it. Punishing your body (lacking nutrients by not consuming enough food and not allowing your body to rest) is incredibly dangerous and can lead to life long issues. As someone that has previously 'punished' her body to be considered thin enough for the model world, I have learnt to accept my body because your own happiness is important! There will be people who find it easy to lose weight (I wish!) and those who find this incredibly difficult. Therefore your health/fitness journey could be completely different to mine! I'm here to share with you my health goals and how I achieved them.

For those that follow me on social media you would have seen that I had glandular fever and two surgeries within the last 7 months (I know right, how problematic am I). Over that period I had been provided with a new pill that helps with my Endometriosis. Sadly this caused me to gain weight and due to my surgeries I needed to ensure I was allowing myself recovery time meaning no exercise. Thankfully I am now healthier than ever all thanks to my fitness and nutrition regime.

Miss Universe Australia 2018

Once I started my fitness regime I started with 4 sessions a week at F45. I was sweating bullets and almost fainted after every session for the first 2 weeks! After those 2 torturous weeks were over I began to notice a change in my cardiovascular fitness. I was able to push through every exercise without gasping for air! My diet consisted of no dairy, red meat, or caffeine and limited amounts of processed foods. After one month I noticed a small difference but as someone who struggles to lose weight easily and is about to compete in Miss Universe Australia (eek bikinis!) I needed things to move faster.

I then decided to contact Hypoxi in Bella Vista. I have used Hypoxi previously and found the results incredible. The first time I tried this form of exercise I was very sceptical as I would always train in a gym and had never seen machines like their's before! After almost three weeks I had lost 10cm from around my entire body. Needless to say I was stunned and incredibly happy! As this helped me achieve those results in as little as 3 weeks I decided to return. I'm sharing Hypoxi with you as I truly believe it works and I have been asked several questions about this on social media. This is not an advertisement, I am genuinely just excited to share my results! If this helped me then it can help you too!

Hypoxi is a low impact exercise regime that is three times more effective at burning fat than traditional exercise. With their advanced technology and nutrition advice it allows you to see results quickly! (If you would like to read more about how Hypoxi works you can visit their website I followed a high protein and low carb diet with loads of vegetables. My exercise consisted of 4 Hypoxi sessions and 2 F45 sessions a week for just one month. I don't necessarily look at scales, I like judging my progress via photo's and how I feel. Here are my results after 2 weeks!

2 Weeks

I was very self conscious over my cellulite as I never had this before surgery. As you can see, I have lost a lot of stubborn fat and cellulite. Lets talk about what matters most... I FEEL fabulous! My body feels nourished and I don't get a lot of cravings for junk food. I absolutely love eating my veggies more than ever now simply because of how it has made me feel. I have loads of energy and I believe it's boosted my immune system. After feeling miserable for months due to my lack of health, I am now very happy!

2 Weeks

If you would like to achieve your health and fitness goals I highly recommend you visit your local Hypoxi. If Hypoxi is not something you're interested in then find something that works for you! As I mentioned previously everyone is different and you should find something that keeps you motivated. I am not encouraging you to lose weight, I encourage you to be happy and healthy!