• Tasha Ross

How to handle negativity on social media

Over the last year I have taken a focus on discovering my brand and growing an audience however this came with a price. There is so much negativity in our world and when we use social media unfortunately it is common to receive hateful comments. Social media isn't real life, you are only seeing a small part of someones life.

Imagine this, you see someone with a large following that constantly posts happy pictures however in real life they are struggling with mental health issues. You comment on their feed telling them to 'lose weight' or comment 'you're ugly'. Those comments could trigger a break down and some people do not realise their words could have this effect. Although social media is an incredible platform, you don't see an influencer's real self which is why I created this blog. I wanted to be raw, real and relatable with my audience and show that I too face many obstacles which I have had to overcome.

My experience with hate on social media has taught me how to be patient, resilient and brave. Here are a few examples of messages I have received.

1. After creating a blog dedicated to discussing large issues we as humans face and battles I have overcome, I received a message simply saying 'ignorant'. If ignorant means creating a blog sharing my own experiences on overcoming adversity and encouraging others with tips and tricks to do the same then fine, I'm ignorant!

2. I have taken a focus on only promoting products/services I genuinely like and use on my social media. I recently promoted an exercise routine I have personally experienced which made me feel incredible about my health. The response I received basically was calling me unintelligent for using this training method.

3. As a model in the public eye I have noticed comments under pictures of me saying I'm 'ugly'. Luckily I have worked up enough strength to be happy with who I am which has allowed me not to let comments like these phase me.

Recent example of a message I received. This is not even bad compared to some of the rest!

Rather than just deleting the message/comment I now have the courage to message these people and mention what a horrible affect this may have on someone who isn't completely happy with their lives. The responses I receive half of the time are positive and it shows these people really don't realise how big of an impact their comments can have on others. I think it is so important to speak up to these people so we can prevent this from occurring in the future. I have also had instant blocks, deleted comments or even more hateful messages.

You have to remember, these comments are often not meant to be aimed at you. They could have bottled up emotions that they let out on influencer's which is not acceptable however you should learn not to take their comments personally. If you do struggle with receiving negative comments I highly suggest you take a break from social media. Your mental health is far more important than running a social media account.

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