Tasha Ross is a Model, Personal Trainer and Business Graduate who lives in Sydney Australia. Her philosophy in life is to be raw, real and relatable. 

After moving to Paris at the tender age of sixteen to become an international model, she became independent and learnt the importance of both mental and physical health. Upon returning to Sydney Australia she soon became a qualified Personal Trainer and started to take a focus on creating awareness around Mental Health using her Social Media. 

When she was nineteen she felt she had struck rock bottom after being diagnosed with Endometriosis. With her positive outlook on life, she managed to turn things around and has since become a spokesperson for the Endometriosis Australia Organisation. 

Tasha now spends her time working as a Model, Actor, Influencer and Personal Trainer.  

Tasha has overcome adversity and has created this blog to help encourage you to be comfortable with who you are, to quit the comparisons and to own what you've got.